Apac Support

What is Disk Space?
This is the set amount (in megabytes) of files you can store on your server space.

What is Bandwidth?
Bandwith is the monthly transfer of web site traffic you are allowed per package. per month. While reaching your limit does not affect web or email services, customers will be charged 6 cents for every MB they exceed for that month. Extra bandwidth can be purchased after you create your account within the Helm Control Panel.

What's Helm?
Helm is an advanced, easy to use automated control panel packed with many features, that lets you control and manage your website and email. You can also view your web statistics and create/edit your documents online.

What Programming languages can I use for my site?
ASP 3.0, ASP.NET 1.1, Perl, PHP4, CGI, and JavaScript.

Whats your server's uptime?

Our server is one of the most advanced in the world and ensures that your data is both safe and reliable - our uptime is over 99.5%. We guarantee an uptime of 99%.

Do you have an online order system?
Yes! Our online ordering system is fast, secure and easy and is provided by World Pay.

Who do I contact about problems with my account?

Visit the support section to submit a ticket or send an email to support@apachost.com.

I already own a domain, can I transfer it to a hosting account with APAC Hosting?
Yes you would have to change the name servers of your domain to the following:

What is an add on domain?
An addon domain is simply a way to describe a domain for which content is pulled from a subfolder instead of from the main site's own content. For instance, a photographer might have a domain camera.com and wish to set up another domain on their account called photos.com, but have photos.com show different content than the master domain. In that case, photos.com would be set up as an addon domain, pointing to the folder /photos under the main site. Visitors to photos.com would only see that URL in the address bar of their browser when visiting the site - no references would be shown from the main site camera.com, and photos.com would be treated as a completely separate site.

What is an alias domain?
Alias domains will be pointing to the same webpages as your master domain is pointing to. For instance, masterdomain.com/index.htm and aliasdomain.com/index.htm is pointing to the same webpage "index.htm".

Which domain extensions can I register with my APAC Hosting account?
You can use any domain name extension available.

Can I upgrade my account?
Yes, you can upgrade to any of our packages simply by submitting a ticket to http://support.apachost.com/, with your account username and the package you wish to upgrade to. You only pay the difference in package prices to upgrade.

Which credit cards do you accept for online payment?
We currently accept Visa and MasterCard and derivatives of those brands.

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  » Secure Socket Layers » Real time stats » Free Email Virus Scanning
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