For those who like to be in control of their websites, APAC Hosting provides an innovative online Control Panel, allowing you to edit many aspects of your web hosting account. Better still we can do this all for you if a website and email are your only requirments Below are some of the advanced tasks that you will be able to achieve using the Helm control panel, available for all of our accounts.
Add/Remove Domains
A customer can hold more than one domain within the single account, the added ability to just remove a domain from a package and replace with a new one is a well sought after feature for customers.
Email Accounts
Customers can add, update and remove email accounts (POP3 accounts). The number of email accounts available for a domain is set at the package level.
Email Forwarding
Customers can add, update and remove email forwarders.
MRAs (Multi-Recipient Addresses) allow a customer to setup an address that will forward to one or more email addresses.
FTP Accounts
Customers can add, update and remove FTP accounts. FTP accounts can be set to have specific read and write permissions.
Customers can add, update and remove ODBC DSNs for MS Access, MS Excel, MySQL.
Sub-domains allow users to use full host names to access subfolders within their accounts, such as
Domain Aliases
Domain aliases will allow a customer to have additional domains that map their website and email for another domain.
File Manager
Helm provides a file manager that allows a customer to access all of his disk space. This even includes a WYSIWYG editor at no extra cost.
DNS Zone Manager
Customers can add, update and remove zone records. Helm allows customers to specify personal MX and Host (A) records for their domains.
Shared SSL
This will allow customers to provide their own scripts and ensure that they are communicated securely, such as credit card payment forms, or downloading confidential information.
Apac Hosting Plans
Four flexible and affordable packages make it possible for businesses large and small to find the perfect fit for your hosting needs. Whether you host a few informative web pages or a large e-commerce site, we can fulfill your needs precisely with great features and true value. We also provide custom hosting options based on your individual needs.

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  Biz Starter Biz Bronze Biz Silver Biz Gold
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Monthly Fee $17.00 $28.00 $44.00 $77.00 Domain Registration (optional)* $60/ 2yr $60/ 2yr $60/ 2yr $60/ 2yr
Setup Fee inc GST $0 $0 $0 $0
Same Day Setup
ASP 3.0 N/A
Perl N/A
Windows Server
Web Disk Space - Web Traffic
Web Disk Space 5MB 100MB 200MB 300MB
Monthly Web Traffic 500MB 3GB 5GB 10GB
Hosted Domains 1 1 1 1
Domain Aliases N/A 1 1 1
Sub Domains N/A 1 2 3
Email Accounts 5 15 30 50
Email Aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Forwarding
Email AutoResponders
Catch-All Feature
FTP Access
FTP Users 5 10 20
MS SQL Database Order Order Order Order
MySQL Database N/A 1 1 1
MS Access Databases N/A 1 2 5
ODBC N/A 10 20 30
Secure DB Folder N/A
24/7 Email/Ticket Support
24/7 Network Monitoring
Others Features
Web Control Panel
FrontPage Support N/A
Shared SSL N/A
Custom Error Pages N/A
Password Protected Folders N/A 15 25 50
99.5% Network Uptime
30-Day Money Back
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  » Secure Socket Layers » Real time stats » Free Email Virus Scanning
  » POP Email Accounts » HELM Control Panel » Windows Servers